Benton County Flying Tigers, Inc. Bylaws

                                   revised: 01/18/2019

                                                             approved: 02/07/2019

Article I.   Name

The name of the organization shall be hereafter referred to as “The Club”.

Article II.   Affiliation

1.)           The Club will be incorporated in Perpetuity as a Non-Profit Corporation under the laws of the State of Arkansas.

2.)           The Club will be chartered with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).

Article III.   The purpose of The Club

1.)           To obtain and maintain a suitable Site for the flying of radio controlled miniature aircraft.

2.)           To provide help to members in the building and flying of miniature aircraft.

3.)           To provide a means whereby those who wish to enter the hobby may do so safely and successfully.

4.)           To educate the public about miniature aircraft.

5.)           To promote and conduct competitions.

6.)           To provide a social outlet for members.

Article IV.   Officers

1.)           President:

a.)           The President shall preside at all meetings.

b.)          The President shall appoint committees as needed.

c.)           The President shall serve as Chairman of the Board.

d.)          The President shall serve for 2 years and be elected on even numbered years.

2.)           Vice President:

                a.)           The Vice President shall serve as President whenever the President is absent.

                b.)          The Vice President shall serve as Program Director.

                c.)           The Vice President shall serve for 2 years and be elected on odd numbered years.

3.)           Secretary:

                a.)           The Secretary shall keep Minutes of all Meetings.

                b.)          The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence.

                c.)           The Secretary shall maintain a current Membership list.

                d.)          The Secretary shall serve 2 years and be elected on even numbered years.

4.)           Treasurer:

                a.)           The Treasurer shall keep all monies and property belonging to The Club.

b.)          The Treasurer shall maintain a back account that requires the signatures of both himself and the President for withdrawal.

c.)           The Treasurer shall maintain careful financial records.

d.)          The Treasurer shall disperse funds directed by The Club.

e.)          The Treasurer shall report the state of the Treasury at each meeting.

f.)           The Treasurer shall collect all monies due The Club.

g.)           The Treasurer shall serve 2 years and be elected on the odd numbered years.

5.)           Safety Coordinator:

                a.)           The Safety Coordinator shall keep current all of the clubs safety documents.

                b.)          The Safety Coordinator shall keep posted the AMA and The Club’s safety rules at the site

c.)           The Safety Coordinator shall review with new Members, Fun Flys, and Events the Safety Guidelines to all pilots.

d.)          The Safety Coordinator shall give a report at the 1 time a month general club meeting.

e.)          The Safety Coordinator will have an equal vote on Board matters and votes.

f.)           The Safety Coordinator will be an appointed positon by the Board of Directors.

6.)           Election of Officers:

a.)           Officers shall be elected at the November general meeting and shall take office the following January.

b.)          A slate of officers shall be elected at the formation of The Club to serve until the first regular election. At that time a full slate of officers shall be elected with the Vice President and Treasurer to serve 1 year thereafter to be elected as provided.

c.)           An Officer who finds it necessary to resign, shall submit their resignation to the Board of Directors. The Board shall conduct an election to fill out their term.

d.)          An Officer may be removed from office by a 2/3 majority vote of the members attending a Regular meeting by secret ballot. Such vote shall be called for upon presentation of a Petition sighed by 8 members. The Petition may be presented to any of the Officers of The Club who shall keep the identity of the signers confidential.


Article V.   Board of Directors

1.)           The Board shall consist of the Officers of The Club.

2.)           The Board shall meet when deemed necessary by the President. There will be a minimum of 1 meeting per year.

3.)           The Board shall formulate and keep current a set of Rules of Conduct for use at the field and to be submitted to the Members. Upon approval of the majority of the Members attend a Regular meeting, these rules will become binding on the membership.

4.)           The Board shall be responsible for seeing that the field is maintained in accordance of The Clubs wishes.

5.)           The Board is empowered to spend within the Budget as approved by the Members attending a general meeting.

6.)           The Board shall discuss and present to The Club any other matters pertaining to the Welfare of The Club and Field Maintenance.

                Article VI:   Meetings

1.)           There shall be a General Meeting of the Membership 1 time a month at a time and place decided upon by the Members at a previous meeting.

2.)           A Quorum shall be at 5 members.

3.)           The Order of Business shall be as follows:

                a.)           Reading of the Minutes of the previous meeting.

                b.)          Treasurer’s Report

                c.)           Board of Directors Report

                d.)          Report from any Committees.

                e.)          Unfinished Business

                f.)           New Business

4.)           All motions will be passed on a favorable vote of a simple majority of members attending a general meeting

5.)           Special Meetings may be called by the President on his initiative or on Petition of 10 members. The Membership must be notified 3 days before such meetings

6.)           Major Issues will be presented and discussed at one meeting and voted upon at the next meeting.