Our Spring Fun Fly was a WINDY ONE! We did still manage to have a great time. We had 13 registered pilots and a few visitors showed up through out the day. Michael provided some AWESOME smoked pork for sandwiches, Mark brought "the beans" and everyone else brought a great attitude even though it was a windy day and not a lot of flying going on.

Kevin Sorg won the $100.00 grand prize and it was well deserved! He showed us that even though it was windy you can still grease the landings. Jay and Jason Reddish won gift certificates for Extreme R/C in Springdale. Jason Reddish also won the 50/50 drawing. Mark showed us that even though the wind is down when you go up, it will be back before you can get back on the ground :) Jay and Ron also flew multiple times during the day. We had a great turnout overall for the conditions that we had.