Our Field consists of 25 Acres. BILL HEAD figured that to be 1,760,000 square feet.

Our North boundary is Southgate Road, East is Champions Drive, South is South Champions Drive/Wallis Road, West is the Moser property. Our entrance - with our BCFT sign - is on South Champions Drive/Wallis Road – directly across from South Mt. Hebron Road and the JB Hunt Cemetery.

WARNING! Adhere to all the SPEED LIMITS – the Police are very serious about stopping speeders – they shoot RADAR regularly in that area.

Using 49 – get off at EXIT 81 – PLEASANT GROVE ROAD - from the South, turn LEFT. From the North, turn RIGHT onto PLEASANT GROVE ROAD. Continue West on PLEASANT GROVE ROAD to the light. Proceed through the light and stay on Pleasant Grove Road to the light with the Church on your right. Turn LEFT at the light going south, follow the curve and then going west for approximately .02 miles to the BCFT entrance on the right. BCFT entrance is directly across from SOUTH MT. HEBRON ROAD.