I will be mowing right after work on the 30th of July. Should be done around 7 so if you want to come out and fly, come on out!


7/7/2015 - The field has been mowed and is in great shape!


The field is currently NOT FLYABLE. The north end is under about 5" of water and there is standing water all through the pits and parking area. I will update the site as the days go on.



The field is mowed!

Be careful on the south end of the runway. The moles are back :( If we can get someone with a 4 wheel drive to roll the field, that may help out a lot.

Saturday turned out to be a great day for flying! We had a steady stream of pilots and a lot of visitors also. The wind dropped down nicely around 3 in the afternoon.

For those at the field we got a special treat. Denny's neighbor brought Denny's new plane home and did a couple passes over the south end of the field. It was pretty cool!